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School Lunch Safety Survey Released For Community Input

We have been hearing from local PTA leaders, PTA members, and community members that lunch at their school is a concern. They have questions and concerns if outlined procedures are being followed. As is often the case in FCPS, what you find at some schools is the complete opposite of how policies are executed at other schools, some great, some challenging.

In response to this input, FCCPTA convened a small team to create a survey to allow for further community response. The survey was released on Tuesday, August 24th, just two days after the start of the new school year. We will then pass along the results to FCPS leadership and continue to follow up.

The survey provides a variety of options to convey how lunch looks at your child schools. We tried to include all the options we are hearing about, but we know with the size and complexity of FCPS, we haven't captured them all. If that is the case, please use other and share the details.

After selecting applicable options, the survey goes on to ask:

  • feedback whether or not you are happy with lunch procedures with your school

  • how you learned about your lunch procedures

  • if the "why" behind the policies was shared with you

  • other concerns

Many local unit PTA leaders have shared the survey with their members and their broader school community. We invite anyone in the community to complete. The survey will close on Friday, September 3. We share results as soon as possible following the closing of the survey.


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