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PTA advocacy- it's at the foundation of everything we do. We are a trusted local community voice. We are nonpartisan, nonsectarian and noncommercial. Our work not only touches a wide range of issues related to children, public education and families, but we employ numerous avenues to advocate.


This includes elevating the advocacy that families do every day as well as the informal and formal advocacy methods we use organizationally. Together, the voice of families and the FCCPTA voice is loud and strong in Fairfax County. 



> Sharing key resources to inform and connect.

> Providing know -how and expertise on steps. families can take to advocate at all levels.

> Offer trainings, webinars, and events to inform and education.

> Promote opportunities to engage in town halls, meetings, public hearings and School Board meetings via public testimony.

> Sponsoring advocacy trainings, webinars and programs.

> Opportunities to participate in surveys

> Invitation to share comments, questions and concerns to input@fccpta.org.



> Public Testimony by FCCPTA leadership

> Policy Letters 

> Public Statements & Letters

> Resolutions

> Position Statements

> Legislative Priorities

> Coalitions and partnerships 

> Appointments to task forces & special committees
> Invitations to serve on FCPS interview panels

> VAPTA advocacy programs and initiatives

> National PTA advocacy programs and initiatives

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FCCPTA advocates every single day for issues affecting public education, and the well being and success of  children and families.

Learn about our priorities for the 2021-22 school year here.

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Our reputation as the voice of local families in education paired with our expertise in educational issues affords us results in issues of all types and sizes. 


See examples of just some of ways we shape and change policies, programs, procedures and the overall school climate and culture.


As a membership organization, we adopt positions based on our mission, research, and/or previous positions of Virginia or National PTA.

Learn more about how position statements and resolutions operate in our association, and find National, State and local through drafting, creating and voting on position statements and resolutions.


Where do you find out who your school board member is?  Whom do you contact when you have an issue?

We've put together information for PTA members and prospective members so that everyone can be empowered to advocate for their family, and for every child.

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FCCPTA is invited to hold a seat on several FCPS School Board Citizen Advisory Committees.


This significant work is one of the main drivers of our advocacy. It gives us a seat at the table where are a part of crucial conversations and decisions.

Learn more about these groups and what they do, and how you can give input to be part of the conversation.


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Empowering families to advocate every day is a priority for FCCPTA. We create awareness and educate members and the entire community so they can be effective advocates. We also invite input and engagement from members and the community to inform and guide our work.


Learn how you can take action- in your own school and how to be part of our larger advocacy as the FCCPTA community.