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Join over 300,000 students from Pre-K through Grade 12 to create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme. Reflections is an all-volunteer lead PTA program, providing opportunities for recognition and access to arts.  Arts are a vital part of educating today's students, allowing them to explore their own creativity, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life.

23-24 Theme:




Age Divisions


Pre-K - Grade 2


Grades 6-8


Grades 3-5


Grades 9-12

2024 Reflections Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to 
Fairfax County Council PTA
2023-2034 Reflections Student Honorees
presented at a ceremony on Friday, February 23rd at Lake Braddock Secondary School

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How participate in five steps:


Register Your Reflections Program

Email and simply say you'd like to participate!

You may also (optionally) register to share your participation with National PTA by completing this registration form. Registering with National PTA helps show the wide reach of our beloved program and the importance of the arts!


Please note that the National PTA does not provide information regarding Reflections participation with the FCCPTA. If you are going to submit only one form, please submit the FCCPTA form.


Recruit a Reflections Team


Try to build up a team with a Reflections chair who has served before, as well as a deputy/vice-chair who can support the chair and learn how to run a Reflections program.


Next, start recruiting judges who will help identify the works that will go forward to the FCCPTA Reflections Program.


Learn How Reflections Works

Review the following resources to learn all about the program:

Download the Local Leader’s Guide (en español

Take the Local Leader E-learning Course.


Review the tips on Virtual Reflections resource, sourced from PTA leaders across the country.


Get familiar with the entry form- Fillable Student Entry Form (en español).


Finally, take the pledge to further diversity in the arts at your PTA/PTSA- diversity in arts pledge (en español).


Form a Plan

We request local unit submissions to the FCCPTA Reflections program. The deadline for this year is 

Plan backward from this deadline and create your own deadlines for your student submissions and a deadline for judging.


Only ONE entry from each combination of division (see above) and category (see above) can be submitted to our Council for consideration.

Don't forget participant recognition (see options at the Virginia PTA Online Store), and, don't forget to include awards in your PTA/PTSA budget!



Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!


Tell students, parents, teachers, and staff! Advertise in your newsletters, on your website, on your social media outlets, in the halls, on student television, and anywhere else you think will get student attention. Ask teachers to share with students and the Principal to share with families in their communications.


You can begin advertising before you are ready to accept submissions because students will need time to prepare their entries!


Just make sure students know whom to contact with questions regarding submissions.

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