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FCPS 101

Family engagement means families are informed and empowered to take action for their children.  FCCPTA works to connect families with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to be successful. 

This information helps families get started by providing a starter guide on the key who, what, when, where, and how of being an FCPS family. Have a suggested resource? 

Let us know!

Family Time


Find Your School

FCPS Boundary Locator System. Type in your house number and street name, the schools and AAP (Advanced Academic Programs) that serve your school will display.

Find your School Pyramid

FCPS is grouped first by regions, then by pyramids.  There are 5 pyramids, each with 4 or 5 high schools. Each pyramid is named after one of the high schools. All the schools that feed into that high school (elementary and middle school) are part of that pyramid.

School Quality Profiles

School profiles include data on accreditation, demographics, staffing, test results, safety, wellness, technology, and membership, as well as information on school programs and special features. There is a profile for each school with FCPS.

FCPS by the Numbers

FCPS has 188,000+ students, almost 25,000 full-time employees,

198 schools and centers, and over 200 languages spoken.

Over 28% of our students are economically disadvantaged, and 15.7% of our population are Students with Disabilities.

Who is my School Board Member

There are 12 school board members, one for each of the county's nine magisterial districts, plus three at-large members.

If I Have an Issue

Start with your school Principal. If not resolved, next is the Assistant Superintendent for your region.  Contact them using this online form.

Parent Advocacy Handbook

Includes webpages for:

> Getting Ready for Kindergarten

> Elementary School

> Middle School

> High School

> Thinking Beyond High School

FCPS Email Subscriptions

"News You Choose" is the communications platform where you can subscribe to district-wide email newsletters by topic, school, news, instructional services, and more.

If I Need Assistance or Further Resolution

Office of the Ombudsman

 (571) 423-4014

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