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Our most important job is helping you do your most important job- run your local unit PTA. Yours is a big job, but we have a big team with a rich history of PTA involvement and we want your school to be successful in fulfilling the PTA mission.


And, we hope you to enjoy it and build great relationships and friendships along the way as well.  Below is an overview to all the pages in this section, and we are also always available by email.


Dive into your role with a month by month guide, training videos and more.

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The best resources, information, and inspiration to support your membership goals.


Find a speaker for your upcoming local unit meeting or submit a speaker you recommend to the PTA community!


Understand this important role with an overview of duties, treasurer's forms, training, frequently asked questions, and how to pay dues and remain in good standing.

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Our top collection of videos, guides, resources, and more to support your own training and to use with your local units and members.


Resources to support your communications with members and prospective members, including information on branding and social media.


Learn about FCCPTA's grants program,

offering financial resources to local units to support our mission on the grassroots level.

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