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Just like our local unit PTAs, FCCPTA looks to bylaws to establish and maintain the rules and principles that define our governing structure. 

The FCCPTA bylaws are established by Virginia PTA (VAPTA). Additionally, as part of our affiliation with PTA, FCCPTA is required to abide by and conform to the VAPTA Uniform Bylaws. 


While bylaws aren't required to be made public, we share our bylaws so as to be accountable and transparent.

Similarly, our standing rules which are the details outlining how we run the administrative side of the FCCPTA, are available for public viewing. Click on the PDF icons below to access these documents.

Uniform Bylaws

The Council Uniform Bylaws govern FCCPTA.  The Council Organization Structure form is adopted by the FCCPTA General Membership. The Uniform Bylaws are in compliance with the Virginia PTA (VAPTA) Bylaws.  The FCCPTA Standing Rules are reviewed, updated, and approved annually by the Executive Board. 


Standing Rules

The Standing Rules are adopted by the FCCPTA Executive Board. These standing rules are in compliance with the Virginia PTA (VAPTA) Bylaws and the FCCPTA Uniform Bylaws. The current Standing Rules were reviewed, updated, and approved by the Executive Board. 

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