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Guide to Good Standing

Maintaining "Good Standing" for your PTA is one of the most important tasks PTA officers encounter. Depending on the size, level of infrastructure and support, past leadership and training, it might also be one of the more difficult (and dreaded) tasks a PTA board has to face.

The good news is that FCCPTA is here to provide information, training and technical support to keep you in good standing and streamline your process for future years.

Key current FCCPTA leaders for you to work with include:

> Vice-President of Outreach, Larry Mills, vp.

> Treasurer, Jamie Yarussi,

> Your pyramid's Ambassador, find yours here

All about good standing:

Why is it important? Maintaining good standing allows your local unit PTA, your members and your community to participate in PTA related events, programs, trainings, and grant programs. It also allows you to keep your exemption status with the IRS under Virginia PTA. In order for them to include you, VAPTA must have specific data on your local unit ready to provide to the IRS if it is requested.

In short- good standing is the documentation you provide to VAPTA that enables them to maintain your 501c3 status.

How to maintain good standing:

Upload the following to MemberHub and email to

1. Executive Board Contact Information (instructions)

2. Annual Financial Review

3. Annual Tax Filing

4. Membership List

5. Membership Dues

6. Adopted Bylaws

You should also be able to provide the following annual compliance documents upon request:

1. Standards of Affiliation (SOA) Agreement Form

2. Conflict of Interest Policy

- graphic from VAPTA

November is a busy month for compliance, but many of these November deadlines reflect ongoing work. If you get behind, remember we are here to help!

Finally, it is important for your members to understand that this work ensures your local unit also is providing transparency, follows proper financial procedures, and maintains good business practices. Engaging your members in this work and reporting out your efforts helps them engage with our role as the nation's largest all volunteer child advocacy organization!


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