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FCCPTA End-of-School-Year Updates

Community Use processes for PTAs

As of July 01, 2021, FCPS will be open to all users both inside and outside. There are no participation restrictions but masks are still required for indoor activities until further notice. This fall (After September 7, 2021) will be as close to ‘normal’ as we have experienced for over a year. We are planning on allowing the schools a little extra time to adjust to 5 days a week before Community Use is fully active-School starts 8/23/21. As far as security/background checks for the IC staff. A few IC’s have applied but please share the attachments with your PTA colleagues. Everyone has to be re-checked due to the COVID lapse. FCPS statement-Planning Ahead to Return Strong FCPS is preparing for a smooth transition to five days in the fall, while following health and safety guidelines, with the following actions:

  1. Updating bell schedules and bus schedules

  2. Expanding outdoor learning capacity (Watch video about Centreville ES outdoor learning.)

  3. Expanding lunch capacity, preparing to offer breakfast and lunch at no cost

  4. Developing master schedules for five day a week of in-person instruction

  5. Reinstating School Age Child Care (SACC) to its before and after school model

  6. Monitoring health and vaccine updates

  7. Exploring COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing pilots.

Health and SafetyIn the fall, schools will provide a clean and safe environment for everyone, using prevention strategies (masks, social distancing, hand-washing) to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.


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