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Now Accepting Officer Nominations

The FCCPTA Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for 2022-2024 Officers. The officer positions include President, Vice President Outreach, Vice President Advocacy, Vice President Programs, Vice President Training, Vice President Communications, Secretary and Treasurer.

A description of each position can be found here. These 8 officers lead the full executive board and conduct all the business of running a nonprofit.

Nominations close at 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 2nd. Applicants can fill out this interest form here.

"With a new FCPS Superintendent starting this summer, this a pivotal time for FCPS and the perfect time to be an FCCPTA Officer. Not only will you continue to fulfill the PTA mission here in Fairfax County, but you will be a key leader in shaping the next era of our public school system."

-Amanda Campbell, Nominations Chair

FCCPTA Officers serve a term of two years, with elections held this spring. If you have questions about the process or the positions, you can email The Nominations Committee consists of Amanda Campbell, Julie Grandon, Mary Gauvin, and Jane Miscavage.

The FCCPTA Board has won numerous awards at the District and State levels, and works with over 165 local units throughout FCPS. Be a part of our team!


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