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Register for the 2021-2022 Reflections program!

How to get your Reflections program started

Step 1: Register your Reflections program

Make sure that your PTA/PTSA’s program is registered with the FCCPTA by submitting your information to through the FCCPTA Reflections Program Registration Form. You can also request FCCPTA-provided submission forms and a repository here. These are in the process of being created for 2021-22, and will be available in time for use this Fall.

You may optionally register share your participation with National PTA by completing this registration form. Registering for Reflections helps National PTA show the wide reach of our beloved program and the importance of the arts!

Please note that the National PTA does not provide information regarding Reflections participation with the FCCPTA. If you are going to submit only one form, please submit the FCCPTA’s form.

Step 2: Recruit a Reflections team

Try to build up a team with an Reflections chair who has served before, a deputy or vice chair who can support the chair and learn how to run a Reflections program, and some judges who will help in identifying the works that will go forward to the FCCPTA Reflections program.

Step 3: Learn how Reflections work

Review the Local Leader’s Guide (en español) which outlines the steps needed to host a program at your school. Take the Local Leader E-learning Course to get an overview of what steps you can take to successfully manage your Reflections program. Review the tips on Virtual Reflections resource, sourced from PTA leaders across the country. Review the Fillable Student Entry Form (en español). And review the diversity in arts pledge (en español) to learn about how your PTA/PTSA can commit to furthering diversity in the arts.

Step 4: Form a plan

The FCCPTA will be requesting submissions to be considered by in the FCCPTA Reflections program by October 31, 2021. That means that your team needs to advertise your PTA/PTSA Reflections program to students as early as possible so that they have time to submit their entries and have them considered by your team of judges. Only one entry from each combination of division (Primary/Middle School/High School/Special Artist) and category (Dance Choreography/Film Production/Literature/Music Composition/Photography/Visual Arts) pertinent to your PTA/PTSA can be submitted. So it is vital that your team be ready to review all the submitted entries to identify the strongest entries and have sufficient time to do so.

Part of your planning includes setting a deadline for student submissions. If you expect a large number of student submissions, then give yourself more time and set an early submissions deadline, like October 11, 2021. If you expect only a handful of submissions, then you can set a later deadline (but if you advertise heavily, you may get more submissions than you expect!).

In addition to establishing a plan for accepting and reviewing submissions, you should also be prepared to recognize your participants. The Virginia PTA offers numerous Reflections awards for sale through the Virginia PTA Online Store. Estimate how many students will participate and how they will be recognized. If you are going to purchase awards, try to have a line item set aside for their purchase as early as possible.

Step 5: Advertise

Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! Tell students, parents, teachers. Advertise in your newsletters, on your website, on your social media outlets, in the halls, student television, and anywhere else you think will get student attention.

You can begin advertising before you are ready to accept submissions because students will need time to prepare their entries. Just make sure they know who to contact with questions regarding submissions.

For more information contact Jason V. Morgan,

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