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Facebook Live Series Ends Today

On Monday, September 13th, FCCPTA kicked off a five day series of daily Facebook Live posts to provide key information to PTA leaders, members, prospective members, and the general community.

Each day a short video ranging from two to five minutes was posted on the FCCPTA Facebook page, covering key PTA information including:

  1. Welcome & Series Overview

  2. PTA Mission, History & Strength

  3. FCCPTA Advocacy During COVID

  4. The PTA Difference

  5. Advocacy Continues

The videos are presented by several different FCCPTA Board Officers, including President Kara Jenkins, Treasurer Jamie Yarussi, Vice-President of Outreach Larry Mills, and Vice-President of Training Hamid Munir.

Watch Day 1 Here:

Watch Day 2 Here:

Watch Day 3 Here:

Watch Day 4 Here:

These videos are perfect to share at your next meeting, just pick one or show the whole series! You can also request the slides and present parts or all of them yourself at your next PTA meeting. To request the slides, indicate which day(s) and email

Stay tuned for more short videos about PTA!

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