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2022- 2024 Officer Slate

Meet the nominees for the next FCCPTA term. Below are the names and biographies of the slate as selected by the FCCPTA nominations committee.

President - Larry Mills

As a past local unit president within Fairfax County, Larry brings years of experience with volunteering with PTA. Larry hopes to bring more awareness of the group to the community and work with local units to best broadcast the PTA message. He has served as the 2020-2022 Vice President of Outreach for FCCPTA and also in the VP Training role. Larry’s favorite PTA memory is from his time as the Union Mill Elementary PTA - there was a membership drive culminating in a back to school picnic. If the goal was met, Larry was willing to have a student throw a pie at him. The goal was successful and two of the three student winners wanted to throw a pie - Larry took two!

Vice President (Outreach) - Debbie Kilpatrick

Debbie is experienced on all levels of PTA, serving on the local level to the committees at the National level. Debbie has successfully helped new units get started and units that needed a little extra help get back on their feet. Debbie is the 2020-2022 NOVA District Assistant Director, current VA PTA Vice President of Training, and a past FCCPTA President. Her favorite PTA memory is when she was a local unit President for her son’s high school and sharing the importance of PTA’s work with her son!

Vice President (Advocacy) - Vacant

Vice President (Programming) - Duyen Brink

Duyen is the current Vice President of Programming for FCCPTA (joined the team in this school year). She hopes to continue to give back to the community by serving in this role. Duyen’s favorite PTA memories include working with the current FCCPTA team!

Vice President (Training) - Kara Jenkins

Kara is the current (2020-2022) President of FCCPTA. She is also a past local unit President and local unit Treasurer within Fairfax County. Kara has created training materials for Virginia PTA, as well as in her professional life. Her favorite PTA memory is Holiday Gift Shop. A tiny kindergartner girl bought a very dainty $0.25 cent ring. When asked who she was buying it for she shared "My dad just lost his wedding ring and he is sad. I am buying this to replace his lost ring."

Vice President (Communications) - Jenna White

Jenna is the 2020-2022 Vice President of Communications for FCCPTA. She is employed in the branding and marketing field and has also volunteered in many roles at the local level of PTA. She hopes to continue to build a communication infrastructure with local units to match the National PTA brand, as well as establish best practices for communications among PTAs. Her favorite PTA memory is presenting at National PTA as a first time attendee!

Secretary - Colleen Coggins

Colleen is the current Secretary of FCCPTA (joined the team in the current school year). She is also the secretary for her local unit. She is passionate about advocating in education and situational improvements for my child as well as all children. Her favorite PTA memory is building a website for her local unit.

Treasurer - Jaime Yarussi

Jaime is the current Treasurer of FCCPTA and a local unit President within FCCPTA. She is hoping to create continuity in the FCCPTA’s treasurer’s role. Her favorite PTA memory is building a sense of community at her local PTA through programming.

In addition to this presented slate, we have a nomination from the floor. If you are interested in running from the floor, please email no later than May 5, 2022.

Vice President (Advocacy) Floor Nomination - Robert Rigby

Robert was an FCPS teacher from 1999-2022 and a member of local units. He is a longtime advocate for the LGBTQIA+ students and families in Fairfax County Public Schools. Building networks, connecting people, developing connections and coalitions, and enabling various voices have brought many successes over the years; these include anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies, extra-curricular policies; the protection of student clubs; recognition of the community, and simply a sensibility of inclusion for that community. In and among those years the groups sponsored conferences, bar-b-cues for families, dances and field days for youth, etc. It’s been wonderful to build connections both within the LGBTQIA+ community (GLSEN, Transgender Education Association, ACLU, Equality Fairfax, NOVA Pride, Safe Space Nova, PFLAG) and in the broader community (NAACP, FCCPTA, FEA, FCFT, SEPTA, NAKASEC, in the Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, African and Muslim communities, etc.). Nothing works better than working together!

Elections will be held at the Spring General Membership meeting. Sign up to virtually attend here!

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