Three for Me Volunteer Program

Three for Me is an easy way to explain that all parents and guardians can support your school community in meaningful ways, whether during the day, in the evenings or over weekends. It gives examples of how they can support their students’ learning and build a better school environment. And it prompts them to pledge to join with you and help. Customize the program for your school’s needs with this flyer and form: Three for Me Flyer

  1. Use the flyer and form as your volunteer sign ups during orientation, Back to School Night and on your website
  2. Ask room parents to promote the program in each classroom
  3. Promote Three for Me on your social media pages

WHAT?The Three For Me program helps families plan meaningful ways to be involved in their student’s learning experience.

WHO? Parents, guardians, or other trusted family members.

WHY? Research shows that students do better in school when their parents and family members engage in the school community. Family involvement plays a CRUCIAL role in the long term academic success of children. A partnership between home and school makes a big difference in creating the most ideal learning environment for students.

HOW? It’s EASY. Just sign the pledge to dedicate 3 hours of your time at school, home, or the community. Suggestions below.

WHEN? You can fulfill your pledge anytime during the school year.


  • Ask your child to explain what s/he learned in school.
  • Work with your child to create a homework space at home.
  • Have a weekly family reading or learning night.
  • Help your student with projects or preparations.
  • Make family outings learning fun experiences. ie-when shopping, ask kids to calculate prices.


  • Read to the class.
  • Join a planning committee.
  • Help maintain school grounds/landscaping.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences.
  • Become a PTA member and attend a meeting.
  • Attend school events.
  • Volunteer in the school library, classroom, copy room, cafeteria, etc.


  • Participate in community service with your family.
  • Attend FCCPTA meetings and bring information back to your parents.
  • Attend school board meetings.
  • Secure donations for the school.
  • Ask your employer for donations to school, or to send volunteer teams for events.