Technology & Kids @ FCPS

Kids + Technology = Questions, Questions, Questions!

Wondering about the impact of technology on your child? You are not alone! Many PTA members have reached out to us with questions about technology use in classrooms, cell phone use on school grounds, FCPSOn’s rollout in all high schools this fall, using screens for homework, and much more …

National PTA has been a partner to parents on digital parenting topics for over 5 years, exploring in-depth the issues that are on the minds of today’s families, and connecting parents with tools, research and supports to make the best decisions for their children.

The FCCPTA Health and Wellness Committee understands that technology use and related concerns vary from family to family. Through a series of meetings in 2018-19 we realized we would serve our members best by providing a catalog of questions and answers to all things technology in FCPS. 

The committee worked with FCPS to host a Parent Technology Forum in Spring 2019 featuring a carousel-style group discussion resulting in more than 130 questions. Those questions were taken back by FCPS Instructional Technology staff and are answered below.

Please click on the following links for questions and answers about:

Health (addiction, screen time limits, physical activity, blue light exposure)

Privacy & Security (students’ information, content sharing, YOUTUBE, inappropriate content, age-sensitive material)

Financial Aspects & Logistics (fees for parents, costs for school, cost for county, repair, updates, lost devices, teacher training, tech support) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Pedagogical (Educational) Implementation (Special Ed, teacher interaction, blended learning, learning games)

Student Conduct (cyberbullying, sexting, social media misuse, SR&R)

Information provided in response to these questions is provided by FCPS and is not an official policy or position of FCCPTA. All information provided is believed to be accurate and will be updated in a timely manner if necessary. Please contact us here if you have suggestions, concerns or questions that are not answered already. Last updated November 2019.

Thank you to the PTA members who participated in Committee meetings and the Technology Forum! Special thanks to FCPS staff for providing support and information: 

  • Dr Renee LaHuffman-Jackson, FCPS Coordinator for Family and School Partnerships and FCCPTA board member
  • Kathleen Thomas, FCPS Administrator of Strategic Communications and Superintendent’s liaison to the FCCPTA board 
  • Derek Kelley, FCPS Coordinator for Instructional Technology Integration 
  • Aron Sterling, FCPS Manager for eCART
  • Tammi Sisk, FCPS Instructional Technology Specialist