FCPS Boundary Policy Study

FCPS has launched a comprehensive review of its boundary policy. This policy review began in the fall of 2018 and will undergo much deliberation before any actual boundary changes are considered.

Along the way there will be many opportunities for public input. While any talk of boundary changes can be anxiety-provoking for some families, there are many families who will welcome changes. FCCPTA will support you so you can provide clear information to your school communities.

The first phase of the review is to identify the factors to use when evaluating boundaries. The School Board is in the process of discussing and prioritizing those factors. In other words, no actual boundary review has begun, and it won’t for quite a while.

Many factors prompted this historic effort, such as:

  • Some schools are seriously overcrowded, yet there are 6,000 empty desks throughout the County. 
  • A new high school is needed and being planned for the West side of the County (location TBD). This will create a ripple effect of feeder changes in the middle and elementary schools.
  • There are too many trailers being used in overcrowded schools.
  • The current boundary change regulation is not transparent, and allows boundaries to fluctuate without a consistent set of guidelines.
  • It takes years and millions of dollars to build additions onto schools. Boundary adjustments allow for a faster and less expensive response to shifts in population.
  • The One Fairfax policy requires the School Board to identify and eliminate barriers to children’s education.

FCCPTA will continue to monitor school board activity and discussions of the Boundary Policy review and update our members frequently.

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