FCCPTA is an active part of the National Parent and Teacher Association (National PTA), the oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy organization/network in the nation. Celebrating 120 years worth of history, the PTA was instrumental in establishing many of the benefits our nation’s children receive today, including universal and high-quality kindergarten programs, the National School Lunch Program, and a juvenile justice system. These accomplishments were achieved because of PTA’s continued mission – To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

YOUR voice is extremely important and ADVOCACY WORKS! You may not know it but you have advocated at one time or another for your child, family member, or school. Whether that is meeting with a teacher; talking to your school principal about a concern; attending a Fairfax County School Board public hearing; or voting during an election for a candidate that supports public education, that is ALL ADVOCACY!

FCCPTA commitment is to be a proactive organization working with all elected officials in the best interest of our nation’s children and to help build relationships between PTA members and their elected officials so they can tell their stories about their students, schools, communities, and businesses.

Here are some key and important facts about Fairfax County Public Schools for you to remember:

  • Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is the largest school system in the Commonwealth of Virginia and 10th largest school system in the United States with a total enrollment of more than 189,000 students;
  • FCPS also has one of the largest school bus fleets in the nation with over 1600 buses that transfer over 130,000 students daily;
  • FCPS has a growing and diverse student population;
  • FCPS is the third largest employer in Virginia, with approximately 27,500 employees, including 24,600 full-time staff positions, more than 92 percent of which are school-based;
  • FCPS has a $2.8 billion budget that is primarily funded by Fairfax County (71.2 percent) with contributions from Virginia (22.9 percent), other sources (4.3 percent) and the federal government (1.6 percent);
  • More than 85 percent of the budget goes toward instruction, and the average cost per student is $14,432;
  • FCPS has more than 26 million square feet of school buildings and office space, including 153 Energy Star certified schools (more than any other school system in the country); and
  • FCPS is the second largest local economic driver for Fairfax County behind the federal government with a local economic impact of $2.2 billion.

Our message to Fairfax County – It is important for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County School Board continue to provide invest comprehensively in the entire school system to ensure that all students are prepared for success and are ready to compete in the global economy.

Our message to PTA members – It is also important for PTA members and interested stakeholders to be aware of PTA’s legislative priorities, legislative programs for each year, develop relationships with their local policymakers, advocate on behalf of their students, schools, and school system, galvanize other members to advocate, and participate in PTA activities to become better leaders and advocates.

PTAs/PTSAs CANNOT endorse political candidates, but they can absolutely support, oppose, and otherwise fight for issues supported by the National PTA network to ensure the education, health, and safety for every child.