Running PTA

We’re here to help you run your PTA

Running a PTA is fun and rewarding, but it’s also an important responsibility. What’s required in order to be a healthy PTA?

Below is a checklist to see how you are doing:

Checklist for a Healthy PTA

Membership Enrollment

❏ Is an initial membership campaign held toward the beginning of the school year?
❏ Are continuing opportunities provided for parents, teachers, staff and students (if applicable) to join? (Membership is year-round)
❏ Is membership information and dues sent through to National, State and Council PTAs?


❏ Is an attendance record kept for all meetings?
❏ Are minutes kept for all meetings?
❏ Are all action items recorded, including approval of budget, all expenses and all fundraising activities?


❏ Are bylaws reviewed regularly and updated (sent through channels for approval) as required?

Financial Procedures

❏ Are financial procedures in accordance with recommended PTA policies and procedures?
❏ Is the budget approved and actual revenues and expenditures compared at least quarterly?
❏ Is the insurance premium and the workers comp form/remittance sent in by deadline?
❏ Are all checks signed by two authorized officers? And are all expenditures properly authorized?

Treasurer’s Reports

❏ Are written reports presented/filed monthly? Are balances, receipts and disbursements recorded in the treasurer’s report each month?
❏ Is each check approved/ratified and listed?
❏ Are reports presented at both executive board and general membership meetings?


❏ Are audits prepared and adopted in accordance with the bylaws and PTA financial procedures?
❏ Are audits conducted regularly? And whenever there is a change in check signers?

Annual Reports

❏ Are volunteer hours being recorded?
❏ Are annual reports filed by the deadline?


❏ Do members of the executive board work well together?
❏ Does the PTA attract and retain new leadership?
❏ Are new, qualified candidates nominated for office each year?
❏ Do leaders attend council/district PTA meetings and take advantage of training opportunities?
❏ Do leaders communicate effectively with members?
❏ Is officer contact information provided to National, State and Council PTAs?

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Fairfax County Council of PTAs at