Good Standing

To participate in PTA programs, qualify for awards, and be eligible for donations and grants, local PTAs maintain Good Standing with Virginia PTA. The following items should be sent to Virginia PTA by the deadlines listed to keep your PTA current.

  1. Officer information updated by June 15. Note, officer information is submitted each year even if there are no changes. Click here to update officer information.
  2. Membership list. This is uploaded to National PTA or mailed with dues remittance form. Deadlines are Dec. 1, Mar. 1, June 1.
  3. Audit. Due to Virginia PTA once approved by membership or by October 31st.
  4. Copy of IRS 990 sent within 30 days of filing. Please forward email receipt to if you use 990N. For 990-EZ and 990, mail full copy.
  5. Bylaws. Mail updated bylaws with original signatures. Bylaws are revised every five years.

Visit for information and forms.

Questions? Contact Stella Pekarsky,, or Barb Waldmiller,