FY 19 Budget

Like local PTAs, Fairfax County Council PTA requires membership approval on its annual budget in order to do business. On Oct. 17, members approved the FY 19 budget: FY 19 Budget – APPROVED

This year’s budget is reformatted for greater clarity and transparency. It shows how member dues, grants and sponsorships are used to support students, support members and support local PTA officers, in addition to the administrative expenses of running the Council. Budget notes:

Student Support.Last year we budgeted $3,000 for scholarships. After a Spring budget review we identified unspent funds and, with membership approval, increased scholarships to $5,000. The scholarship checks were not written in FY 18, which is why you’ll see $5,000 as scholarship income and a matching $5,000 scholarship expense (this is for transparency; the FY 18 scholarships have been disbursed). We recommend budgeting $3,000 for this year’s scholarships with hopes of increasing that amount in the spring. Spelling Bee and Reflections budgets are slight increases over with last year’s expenses and carry a cushion in case sponsorships do not come through at previous years’ levels.

Member Support.This part of the budget reflects FCCPTA priorities of Family Engagement and listening to PTA members. Starting with the Oct. 20 Family Engagement conference, FCCPTA will work to assist local PTAs to find meaningful ways to draw families into school. With mini-grants we will motivate local PTAs to arrange family learning activities during Take Your Family to School week. Using corporate sponsorships, FCCPTA is creating a $10,000 Family Engagement award fund. We will explore resources for language interpreting and translation and wish to provide financial resources for local PTA use. To tap into member interests and concerns we are scheduling listening sessions and developing Fall and Spring benchmark surveys.

Local Officer Support.We offer annual training for new officers, as well as ongoing support to local PTAs. In addition, FCCPTA officers represent Fairfax County PTAs at Virginia PTA and National PTA training, meetings and advocacy events. We bring what we’ve learned back to local training and support.

Admin fees.These include a planned carryover to provide grants in FY 20. This allows us to stretch the Whole Foods 5% day for a third year (we are only eligible to apply for Whole Foods 5% days once every three years).