FCCPTA Standing Rules

Approved August 29, 2018

The Standing Rules are adopted by Fairfax County Council PTA’s Executive Board. The Standing Rules are in compliance with the Virginia PTA Bylaws and the Fairfax County Council PTA Bylaws.



  • Board members shall not speak for Fairfax County Council PTA or represent Fairfax County Council PTA unless authorized to do so by the Council President.
  • Board members are required to support actions taken by the Board and to explain such actions to local PTA units holding membership in the Council.
  • Board members are expected to attend: all Board meetings, all General Membership meetings, and special meetings and/or programs sponsored by Fairfax County Council PTA. Board members shall notify the Council President prior to an absence and request to be excused.
  • Board members shall maintain the confidentiality of Board proceedings and internal documents.
  • Board members shall avoid conflicts of interest. While serving with other advocacy organizations in Fairfax County be aware of differences of positions on issues between organizations. When there is a potential conflict, make board leadership aware and when appropriate recuse oneself in Fairfax County Council PTA debate and vote.
  • Do not speak or write to any elected official or press as a member or representative of the Fairfax County Council PTA Board without permission from the Council President.



    1. The Executive Board shall review the Standing Rules of Fairfax County Council PTA annually.
    2. Recommendations for changes, deletions, and/or additions shall be presented for adoption by those present and voting at any meeting of the Executive Board provided the following requirements have been met: The proposed change has been submitted to Council President at least seven (7) days prior to the board meeting at which it is to be considered. Proposed changes to the Standing Rules should contain placement, proposed wording, proposed deletions if required, rationale and budget impact in order to be considered.



For the purpose of this policy the following will apply: Defined as any event scheduled or planned by National PTA, Virginia PTA, Northern Virginia District PTA or Fairfax County Council PTA.


The selection of attendees to events will be determined by the Executive Committee based upon the budget, training needs, and other criteria to be determined by the Executive Committee. Board member(s) that are interested in attending any event are required to notify the Council President of their interest as soon as possible.

Attendance and Reporting

      1. Attendees funded by Fairfax County Council PTA to sponsored events are required to attend all of the scheduled events. An exception will be made if the attendee is unable to attend any/all of the scheduled events due to a work or family-related emergency. Individuals without approval will be invoiced or will not be reimbursed for the cost of any events and meals missed. If a registration fee for the event is paid, attendees must stay for the entire event.
      2. Members who do not attend an event for which a reservation has been made and do not meet the exception criteria above will be billed for any charges incurred by Fairfax County Council PTA for the reservation, including room, meals, and registration fees.
      3. To promote information exchange, members who attend an event with FCCPTA financial support (reimbursement) will send brief written reports to the Executive Board within 2 weeks of event.


A registration form for PTA events will be forwarded to all approved attendees. Attendees are responsible for returning the registration form by the established deadline to the Council President and/or Council Treasurer. If the attendee does not return completed registration form by the established deadline, the registration/reservation will not be made for the attendee.


      1. Executive Board Members are required to have same gender roommates for all events requiring hotel/room accommodations for overnight stay. Authorization for single hotel / room will be made by the Executive Committee.
      2. Only room and tax for attendees on approved nights will be paid. Any fees related to reservation changes, or additional room nights booked will be the sole responsibility of the individual attendee.
      3. Attendees are responsible for all incidentals, late checkout or no-show fees as required by the hotel/venue and will not be reimbursed.
      4. Executive Board Members requesting a private room when a roommate is available shall be reimbursed for half the room rate and taxes.
      5. In the event an attendee must make his/her own housing arrangements for a sponsored event, he/she will only be reimbursed no more than the contracted room rate plus tax.


All members attending/traveling on the behalf of the Fairfax County Council PTA at approved events will be reimbursed for meals at the following rates: $10.00 breakfast, $15.00 lunch, $25.00 dinner. Charges for alcohol will not be reimbursed.

Meal reimbursement is not available when a meal has been purchased on the attendees’ behalf or included in the registration cost.


  1. Standard parking fees, and tolls shall be reimbursed at reasonable amounts.
  2. Mileage – Personal automobile mileage will be reimbursed at $.50 per mile. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
  3. PTA Day at the General Assembly – Expenses of approved Executive Board Members attending PTA Day at the General Assembly shall be registration fee, hotel, transportation, dinner, lunch, and parking.



Check Request

Whenever possible, it is preferred to have Fairfax County Council PTA issue a check to a vendor directly for payment. When authorized purchases are made for which Fairfax County Council PTA will be billed, a Check Request Form shall be completed, signed and forwarded to the Treasurer with the bill within 10 days of the receipt of the bill.

Expense Reimbursement Request


Expense Reimbursement Request Forms and accompanying itemized receipts must be given to the Council Treasurer within thirty (30) days or at the next executive board meeting after completion of any event in which reimbursement is allowed. If a reimbursement request is not filed within sixty (60) days, any reimbursements due will be forfeited and considered a donation to Fairfax County Council PTA unless special circumstances prevail and approval has been obtained from the Council President. Any reimbursement request submitted ninety (90) days after the close of an event will not be honored regardless of the circumstances.


Requests for local mileage reimbursement must be approved in advance of the travel by the Executive Committee and presented for reimbursement on a quarterly basis, at a minimum. Executive Committee Board members may request mileage reimbursement when representing the Fairfax County Council PTA at events approved by the President such as, but not limited to: attending local unit PTA meetings to assist with elections, mediation, awards presentations, and local board training, if requested by unit president or school principal; and attending Fairfax County school board or Fairfax County Board of Supervisor meeting where member is testifying.


All incoming funds are deposited in the name of the Fairfax County Council PTA in the checking account. The Treasurer and another authorized signature shall sign checks from this account. Authorized signatories shall include the President, President-elect, Treasurer and/or any other elected officer of the Fairfax County Council PTA as designated by the Executive Committee. All checks require two (2) signatures.

PayPal Account (or alternate online money transfer service)

FCCPTA may use a PayPal account to receive electronic payments from leadership training participants and exhibitors and other receipts as necessary. Under no circumstances shall disbursements be made from the PayPal account.

The PayPal Account shall be reconciled and, along with FCCPTA’s checking and savings accounts, reported to the Executive Board and General Membership in regular financial statements.

Bank Reconciliation

      1. FCCPTA’s monthly bank account statements shall be accessible electronically by a person appointed by the Executive Board who is not a signer on the account. This appointed person will also receive a hard copy of the monthly bank reconciliation. The reviewer shall promptly report any concerns or discrepancies identified in the review to the Executive Committee. If there are no concerns or discrepancies, the reviewer shall initial and date the account statements and return them to the Treasurer.
      1. No checks shall be made payable to cash.

Credit and Debit Card Policy

      1. No officer of FCCPTA shall use a credit card in the Council’s name.
      1. The Council President may be issued a debit card for use for official Council business. A Debit Card Reimbursement form shall be completed by the President and forwarded to the Treasurer for each transaction with itemized receipt attached.


All members of the Executive Committee are covered by a Fidelity Bond paid for by Fairfax County Council PTA. FCCPTA shall carry Accident Medical Plus insurance and any other insurance as recommended by Virginia PTA.