FCCPTA Education Survey Report

FCCPTA invited parents, teachers and caregivers to take a benchmark education survey in late Fall 2018. We received more than 6,300 responses to the English and Spanish versions of the survey, representing:

  • Every public school and zip code in Fairfax County;
  • Parents, guardians, grandparents, students, teachers, and other community members;
  • PTA members and non-members; and 
  • Diverse income levels and multicultural communities.

Through this report, FCCPTA is providing our members and elected officials with unprecedented insight into the views, concerns, and priorities of our community. 

The FCCPTA’s Fall 2018 Education Survey reflects a widespread consensus that FCPS is providing a world-class education to students throughout our community. Most respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their schools and FCPS in almost every respect. In addition, most respondents would recommend their school to another family.

Nonetheless, the FCCPTA’s Fall 2018 Education Survey revealed several opportunities to strengthen our schools and FCPS. Specifically, respondents seek:

  • A reduction in class sizes to 18-23 students for classes in elementary schools and 20-25 students for classes in middle schools and high schools;
  • Increased hiring of experienced teachers and school counselors;
  • Increased teacher pay and diversity;
  • Increased safety and security;
  • The elimination of bullying and harassment;
  • Better school food; and 
  • The elimination of trailers to educate students.

FCPS should increase its efforts to educate parents and students about career and technical education (CTE) programs. FCPS should undertake additional efforts to educate parents and students about the enrollment process for advanced academic programs and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). In addition, FCPS should expand capacity and access to CTE programs and TJHSST.

Finally, FCPS should strengthen its special education programs to address the serious concerns identified by respondents who have students with disabilities (or behavioral or emotional needs) that impact their learning or learning environment.

See the survey report HERE

For more information contact Matt Dunne, vp.advocacy@fccpta.org.