Uniendo Familias: The Key to Welcome and Involve Hispanic/Latino Families.

FCCPTA is seeking local elementary and middle school PTAs to participate in Uniendo Familias, a five-week program to bridge common barriers in getting Hispanic/Latino parents involved, such as language, unfamiliarity with what PTA is and has to offer and/or general unfamiliarity with American school systems and how parents get involved. 

Uniendo Familias sessions share information about PTA and about school resources to help parents feel more comfortable in the school community. The program requires support and participation from the school community, such as the principal, teachers, other school staff and the PTA. By showcasing how the PTA brings the school community together, parents will see how valuable PTA is and why their membership is so important. Each session is about an hour and all resources are in Spanish (they may be facilitated by a Spanish speaker, or an English speaker with an interpreter). The sessions are: 

  1. Orientation: Welcomes parents/caregivers to Uniendo Families and what to expect. The parents will also learn about why it is so important to be engaged in their child’s education and how it impacts success.
  2. Lesson 1 – Getting to Know your PTA and School Community: Introduce school community, ex. Who is the principal? What does a principal do? When would you need to talk to a principal? Participants will also walk away with ideas on how to communicate with their child’s teacher despite language barriers, encouraging them to work with teachers throughout the year to benefit their children.
  3. Lesson 2 – Testing & How to Help at Home: Participants will learn about some of tests their child will take, also about IEPs, ESL/ESOL/ELL and why they are important. Parents will also learn about how to help support their children at home.
  4. Lesson 3 – My School Policies: Review a few of the policies that affect their child’s education such as the absentee policy. They will also learn about the responsibilities in the student/parent/school agreements and why those affect academic success.
  5. Graduation: Participants will join PTA and receive certificates of completion. 

The orientation and lessons are fully laid out, there are optional talking points, and can be customized to be specific to the policies or events happening in each school. The importance of advocating with PTA is embedded throughout the sessions to drive the focus back to their membership and voice in PTA.

Interested? Please contact Kara Jenkins, vp.outreach@fccpta.org to learn more.