Community Use Guidelines for PTAs

FCPS Community Use-Phase 1 (Outside Grounds Use Only)

• Start date: 10/30/2020
• The goal of FCPS Community Use Phase 1 is to provide limited access to FCPS outside grounds to FCPS school support groups (PTA, PTO, PTSA, and Boosters).
• Once events are approved by the Principal and Regional Assistant Superintendent (RAS), parents and/or students will be able to attend events held outside on school grounds.
• PTA After School Vendor Programs are NOT permitted during Phase 1.
• The selling of items (food, tickets, etc. ) is not permitted at events in Phase 1.
• Please note that school usage will continue as normally scheduled for FCPS staff events and Fairfax County Government agency events.

Phase 1 Event Submission Process
• All requests for events must be submitted to the principal of the school, then the Principal will receive approval from the RAS.
• Once approved by the Principal and the RAS, the event will be submitted by the school to FCPS Community Use via FSDirect for processing.
o Process- Event Request>principal>RAS>Community Use
• Only school support group events approved and supported by the school’s Principal and RAS are eligible for submission into FSDirect.
• The participation limit for the event will be determined by the Principal and RAS based on CDC recommendations for space size considerations. (See attached-CDC Guidelines)
• Events which do not involve direct or in-person exposure/contact are permitted without a participation limit. See examples below:
o Car Parades (Participants remain in cars)
o Drive-in style activities such as movies, music, etc (Participants remain in cars)
o Drive-through food drives (Participants remain in cars)

FCPS Community Use Guidelines

CDC Guidelines