2019 Family Engagement Awards

Family Engagement is more than an event: it’s an ongoing commitment to welcome all families into the school community and encourage them to support their students at school and at home.

To celebrate PTA’s focus on Family Engagement, FCCPTA is pleased to offer Family Engagement program recognition awards to local PTAs. Up to 10 $1,000 awards will be presented to Fairfax County PTAs that have demonstrated outstanding efforts in building meaningful activities, experiences or programs in one (or more) of the following areas:

Family Engagement

Male Engagement

Diversity & Inclusion

Military Family Engagement

Each application will be evaluated in accordance with National PTA’s Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Award money is unrestricted and may be used as each local PTA sees fit.

***Apply by March 15***

  1. Apply for a PTA Family Engagement Award, sections I, II or III, and submit to novadd@vapta.org.
  2. Send a copy of your application to awards@fccpta.org.

Awards will be announced during the FCCPTA Membership Meeting on May 22.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Chen, awards@fccpta.org.

FCCPTA Family Engagement Awards are made possible with support from 

Whole Foods and Ernst & Young