Treasurer Monthly Checklist


  • Keep control of all financial documents
  • Maintain accurate records of receipts and deposits
  • Reconcile bank statement
  • Have bank reconciliation verified by non-signatory
  • Provide receipts for donations
  • Analyze budget for possible need for amendments
  • Prepare and present treasurer report for each board meeting and general membership meeting


  • Take over all financial records once the audit is completed and presented to the board for adoption
  • Make necessary changes on signature cards for bank
  • Go over the books and set up files to suit your preference
  • Establish procedures for reimbursements, paying bills, and money handling within guidelines and present to board for approval
  • Solicit input on what projects and programs will need funding in the proposed budget
  • Using audit report, the year-end financial report, and funding requests, work with the budget committee to formulate a proposed budget
  • Present budget proposal to the board for approval
  • Provide start up cash needed for OpenHouse/Orientation
  • Ensure insurance premium is paid
  • Attend training


  • Verify membership dues deposit amounts with membership chair
  • Present audit report to general membership for adoption and after adoption send a copy to VA PTA
  • Present proposed budget to general membership for approval
  • Distribute copies of approved budget to all board members
  • Provide start up cash needed for Back to School activities
  • Mail in first membership dues payment to VA PTA


  • Continue to verify membership dues deposits with membershipchair
  • Prepare and submit the appropriate Form 990. Send copy to VAPTA
  • Make sure Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (if applicable) is current


  • Prepare dues collected to send to FCCPTA and VA PTA prior to December1 (note local dues and State/National Dues are two separate payments)


  • Analyze the budget to see if any amendments need to be presented to thegeneral membership for approval (any amounts over$300)


  • Make sure all budget amendments over $300 have been presented to the general membership forapproval
  • Send notice to everyone that may have outstanding receipts to turn inreimbursement requests
  • Make sure all minutes needed (those showing audit adoption, budget approval and any approval of budget amendments) are in the financial records foraudit
  • Make sure the board has approved an audit committee or auditor


  • Prepare financial files for audit
  • Present financial files for audit to person or committee selected according to bylaws
  • Schedule transition meeting with incoming treasurer to turn over records
  • Prepare dues collected to send to FCCPTA and VA PTA prior to June 30 (tip: sending dues earlier in June will help your check clear before end of FY)

For questions or concerns, please contact Barb Waldmiller, FCCPTA Treasurer,