Reflections 2018-19

Announcing the 50th Anniversary Reflections Theme:

The National PTA Reflections Program recognizes students at local, council, district, state, and national PTA levels.

Entries are first judged at the local level, where selected works are chosen to represent the PTA at each subsequent level – council, district, or state-depending on each state PTA’s structure.

Students can obtain entry forms and additional information at

Reflections Chairs are invited to training on at 6:30 p.m. Friday, September 14, 2018. For more information and to RSVP click here.

Student Entry Form and Categories/Rules Info is available at

Please send 2018-2019 local (school) Reflections chair contact information to

Contact Denise Bolton at Reflections@fccpta.orgfor information.

Local (School) unit turn into FCCPTA is Nov 8 and 9 and FCPS Gatehouse Admin Center, Rm 3050/3051*.  Each entry submitted to FCCPTA must have a flash drive with digital copy, including visual arts, photography, and literature entries (pdf), that should also include original/hard copy/print.  Each local unit PTA may submit one 1stplace entry in each category/age division to FCCPTA.

*Gatehouse Administration Center is located at 8115 Gatehouse Rd., Falls Church, VA 22024. Park in underground garage at the rear of the building.  Check in at front desk, then take elevator to 3rd Floor.  Ground level front doors are locked after business hours.