Our Digital Lives: At Home and School

It’s time to change the conversation about kids and technology.

Parents are expressing growing concern about:

  • Constant screen time struggles
  • Growing addiction to screens, social media and gaming
  • Cyber bullying and exposure to harmful content
  • Decreased social awareness
  • Parents’ helplnessness in moderating their own use of technology

Digital technology is here to stay. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Fairfax County Council PTA is launching an effort to empower and motivate parents to shape our kids’ digital future with health, safety and wellness in mind.

We are convening an Advisory Council of PTA members who wish to shine a spotlight on tools and approaches that parents and schools can use to ensure children are using technology in safe and healthy ways.

The Advisory Council will meet in October/November to determine priorities and activities for the school year.

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