President Monthly Checklist

This checklist is designed to help guide your PTA leaders through a successful term.

Review this as you set your goals, programs and budget.


  • Hold transitional Executive Board meeting with old and new officers
  • Send all forms including the Local Unit/Council Officers’ Contact Information to the state PTA office. EIN (tax ID) number must also be on file with the state PTA office
  • Review and update committee procedure books, develop procedure books for new positions
  • Make sure audit is scheduled
  • Send names/addresses of officers to School Board members to receive email newsletters
  • Submit dues collected since March 1 by June 30
  • Confirm the Reflections deadline and communicate to students


  • Meet with your principal to review goals, plans and projects. Confirm when PTA information needs to be available for the school’s Welcome Back communications.
  • Plan membership drive (if using PTA Membership Database, renewals may start this month)
  • Develop budget


  • Hold an Executive Committee (officers) meeting to set goals, committees and schedule for the year.
  • Revise and update your website, newsletter/email, social media strategies.
  • Develop and post your calendar with membership meeting dates.
  • Designate liaison to attend quarterly FCCPTA membership meetings.
  • Hold an Executive Board meeting to review programs, projects, calendar and budget (officers and committee chairs).
  • Make sure your Reflections Committee is prepared.


  • Hold first general membership meeting and vote on the proposed PTA budget, adopt the fiscal year-end audit and send copy of the audit to state PTA office. A copy of 990 forms must also be forwarded to state PTA office.


  • Attend (or send designee) to FCCPTA General Membership meeting[1]
  • Plan for Take Your Family to School Week in February


  • Remind your Treasurer that all dues must be postmarked and sent to FCCPTA and Virginia PTA offices by December 1 so your Local Unit remains in “Good Standing.”
  • Check to see if your 990 is due to the IRS. This depends on the date IRS has as your fiscal year.


  • Review your goals, programs and budget to see if they need revising
  • Determine who from your Executive Committee can attend Virginia PTA’s Day in Richmond


  • Attend (or send designee) to FCCPTA General Membership meeting
  • Advertise for nominating committee members
  • Make appointments with your representatives for Virginia PTA’s Day in Richmond
  • Attend (or send designee) to PTA Day in Richmond


  • Elect nominating committee (check your bylaws to see when and how this election takes place)
  • Ask Executive Board members to inform nominating committee of their intentions for the next school year.
  • Remind Treasurer that all dues collected since Dec. 1 must be sent to FCCPTA and Virginia PTA offices by March 1.


  • Attend (or send designee) to FCCPTA General Membership meeting
  • Plan for Teacher Appreciation Week, adjust budget if necessary during membership meeting
  • Have nominating committee report the slate of proposed officers as stated in bylaws


  • Look for next year’s Reflections theme to share with your students
  • Remind board members to update procedure books and include recommendations
  • Arrange auditing of books when they close at the end of your fiscal year


  • Attend (or send designee) to FCCPTA General Membership meeting
  • Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Hold election of officers (may happen in June, check your bylaws)
  • Meet with incoming president, encourage other officers to meet with their successors


[1]General Membership meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. with an update by Superintendent Brabrand. The business meeting and presentations run from 7 to 8 p.m. All meetings are held at the FCPS Gatehouse administration building, 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA  22042. Meeting dates: 10/17, 1/23, 3/27, 5/22.