FCCPTA 2019 Candidate Questionnaire

As a non-partisan organization, PTA does not endorse candidates, but we do encourage members to participate in our democracy and civic life. For years we have partnered with the League of Women Voters-Fairfax to host non-partisan candidate forums where our members and the community can learn about various candidates’ positions on issues of local interest.

This year we wanted to find a way to connect more PTA members, more directly, with candidates. We distributed this survey to elected officials and candidates for local and state offices in Fairfax County in August 2019. In September we had phone conversations with the chairs of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and Fairfax County Republican Committee, who agreed to distribute the survey to their respective elected officials and candidates. The FCCPTA has not edited or altered responses except to format the content for posting on the website. 

Please click on the links below to read how candidates answered the following questions:

  1. What will you do to ensure every public school student in Fairfax County receives a world-class education?
  2. Do you support increased funding for public schools in Fairfax County? If “yes,” what will you do to achieve this objective, and how should our public schools use the additional funding? If “no,” what changes (if any) should be made to the school budget and programs in Fairfax County? 
  3. What will you do to reduce class sizes in our public schools? 
  4. What will you do to end the epidemic of vaping in our public schools?
  5. The School Board has undertaken a comprehensive review of school boundaries throughout Fairfax County. What factors should guide school boundary changes? 
  6. Please describe your volunteer activities with public schools in Fairfax County, such as your involvement (if any) with your local PTA(s).

The presence of a response does not constitute endorsement. Our thanks to the many candidates who responded. Questions? Please contact Matt Dunne, vp.advocacy@fccpta.org.

School Board

Board of Supervisors

House of Delegates

Virginia Senate