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Fairfax County Council of PTAs

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Board Members

PTA Representatives
  • Sub-Committees Programs - Non Voting
  • FCCPTA Reps to Advisory Committees - Non Voting
    • Advanced Academics Programs Advisory Committee (AAPAC) Terri Radziewski
    • Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities Representative (ACSD) Toby Latham
    • Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee Representative (CTE) Monique Roberts
    • Community Action Board Representative (CAAB) Carrie Holmes
    • Family Life Education Advisory Committee (FLEAC) Representative Risa May
    • Fairfax County Citizen Corps Council Representative OPEN
    • Human Resources Advisory Committee OPEN
    • Minority Student Achievement Overshight (MSAOC) Representative OPEN
    • School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Representative Betty Ende