April 10, 2018

Proposed New FCCPTA Bylaws:  2018 FCCPTA Bylaws Draft CORRECTED

We voted on the 2018 FCCPTA Bylaws Draft CORRECTED on April 10, 2018 at the General Membership Meeting at Gatehouse Cafe.

The proposed bylaw revisions were provided to the membership on February 19th.  The proposed revisions inadvertently omitted some language required by the Virginia PTA under Article 15, Section 2(d).  The proposed revisions also inadvertently omitted some of the existing language in our bylaws.  The revised version of the bylaws includes the mandatory language and does not omit language that was intended to be carried over.
Here are the reasons the bylaws are listed as “corrected.”
We also attempted to add to the job descriptions of the secretarial and treasurer positions in Article VII, Sections 3 and 4.  Those, however, are pounded by Virginia PTA and cannot be changed.  Thus, we will change those on our actual job descriptions’ document rather than in the bylaws.  
We still do want to add the fifth vice president of Communications and delete the position of president-elect.
Here’s the complication:  the FCCPTA membership will vote for a new set of officers on May 22, 2018. We voted on the Nominating Committee at the January meeting, and they are all set up now to seek new officers’ applications and announce the slate in April.  We have to wait, however, until the Virginia PTA approves the new bylaws before they can publicize all the positions in the new bylaws if they pass.
We currently have a vacancy in the position of president-elect that we do not plan to fill.
Nominations will be taken from the floor. We need to announce this special election 10 days in advance, according to our bylaws.  hat’s what we are doing now.
Thank you,
Beth Henson Tudan
FCCPTA President

We also had updated our bylaws in 2017.  These are the bylaws that we wish to replace: 2017 Bylaws – Fairfax County Council.