FCCPTA Seeks YOUR Budget Ideas for FCPS

FCCPTA has developed a budget ideas form for PTA members to provide input on what the priorities should be for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

Some FCPS facts for you to consider:

  • FCPS is the 10th largest school system in the nation with more than 189,000 students with one of the most diverse student populations and growing;
  • FCPS is the third largest employer in Virginia, with approximately 27,500 employees, including 24,600 full-time staff positions, more than 92 percent of which are school-based;
  • FCPS has a $2.8┬ábillion budget that is primarily funded by Fairfax County (71.2 percent) with contributions from Virginia (22.9 percent), other sources (4.3 percent) and the federal government (1.6 percent);
  • More than 85 percent of the budget goes toward instruction, and the average cost per student is $14,432;
  • The FCPS bus fleet is one of the largest bus fleets in the U.S., transporting more than 130,000 students on over 1,600 buses each day; and
  • FCPS has more than 26 million square feet of school buildings and office space, including 153 Energy Star certified schools (more than any other school system in the country).

FCCPTA wants your input! Please contact Jason Morgan, FCCPTA Budget Chairman, at jvmorgan@gmail.com with any questions.

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